Cal State Long Beach Business Administration Transfer Requirements

California State University (Cal State or CSU) is a public university system in California that consists of 23 campuses. While each campus in the system has its own unique geographic and curricular character, all campuses offer bachelor`s and master`s education for professional and professional purposes, as well as extensive liberal education. Many of these programs are offered so that students can meet all the requirements of the higher division and graduate through part-time studies in the late afternoon and evening. For more information about the EOP program, see If you are a non-resident or private student, it is recommended that you complete at least 60 semester units or 90 quarterly units before applying for the transfer. Students who meet all of the CSU Upper Division Transfer Admission requirements and the cob major specific requirements listed above, or an AS/AA Transfer Diploma in Business, are fully qualified to enter the COB and will be considered for admission. Fully qualified applicants who are ”local” will be offered admission first. Other fully qualified candidates will be considered based on their academic performance (GPA and successful completion of the recommended courses listed above) compared to other applicants for the major. California community college students can take the required lower division GE courses by completing the CSU GE scope or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) program at their community college before moving to a CSU campus. Students who are certified with 39 semester units of GE Lower Division Width Units are only required to complete at least nine semesters (13.5 trimesters) of Higher Division General Education Units after their transfer, just like other students attending their CSU campus. It is also recommended that at least 30 semester units (45 quarterly units) of general educational requirements be completed in written communication, critical thinking, language and quantitative analysis (mathematics). You are considered a transfer candidate if you have completed a program of study at a college or university since graduating from high school, but have not yet earned a bachelor`s degree.

To be considered for admission to the CSULB, you must meet the following minimum requirements before the end of the previous spring semester for fall admission and before the end of the previous summer semester for spring admission: EOP accepts students who do not meet the regular admission criteria, as well as those who qualify for regular admission. Be sure to indicate on the bachelor`s application if you are applying through the EOP and be sure to complete the additional EOP application with both letters of recommendation before the deadline set by the campus. Since the IGETC model is accepted by the CSU and the University of California with slight differences, it is a good option if you are not sure which system you will transfer to. In addition to the requirements for major and general education, the CSU campus may require other courses for a bachelor`s degree. Read the catalogs of the CSU campuses where you want to settle to familiarize yourself with their degree requirements. For example, some campuses require the study of foreign languages as part of preparation for certain majors or for the Degree No, Philosophy/Ethics (Phil 160) is not a requirement for admission. Only accounting students are required to take at least one ethics course as part of their degree requirements, which can be taken at a community college or CSULB. ”Severely affected” majors require additional criteria, and these requirements are specified in the Specific Key Details. Additional criteria may include interviews, auditions, portfolios or other academic qualifications, and the applicant is strongly advised to contact the department directly for more information.

All applicants to these ”highly affected” majors are ranked based on the completion of the specific major requirements, additional preparation courses, and the additional criteria listed. If you`re applying for a high-quality major such as science, technology, engineering, and certain areas of mathematics, check with the CSU campus for requirements in that area or with your California Community College transfer consultant. If you have completed at least 60 semesters or 90 quarterly units by joining a CSU, you are considered a transfer candidate from the higher division. The Associate Degree for Transfer is a pathway established by the California State Legislature that offers priority admission to students who have completed Associate of Arts (AA-T) or Associate of Science (AS-T) from California community colleges and meet all other admission requirements. By completing an ADT, students meet important preparation and general education requirements for CSU campuses. Please understand that we are required to confirm that you have met all eligibility criteria based on a review of your official academic records. We note that if the applicant meets the admission requirements during the semester immediately preceding their first semester at CSU Long Beach, it is generally not possible for a student to submit a final official university transcript in time to enroll in CSULB. Please work with your transfer advisors to meet all essential eligibility criteria, including minimum units and courses, at the time you submit your application to the CSULB. Many CSU campuses have higher admission standards for non-resident students (out-of-state and international students). For more information, see the Non-Resident Eligibility Index. Some campuses also have higher standards for certain majors.

Admission to all majors at CSULB is competitive as CSULB continues to have more qualified applicants than new student places available. All transfer students must specify a major when submitting their application. Check the transfer application and eligibility for admission for more details. To review the main detailed specific requirements, select the main specific requirements below. If an adult is severely affected, this will be noted next to the name of the major and additional criteria and requirements will be indicated in the most important specific details. How are students considered for admission? All csu students must meet the minimum requirements of 48 General Education Semester (GE) units to obtain the bachelor`s degree. The GE requirement consists of 39 semester units of lower division courses and at least nine units of semi-annual higher division courses. CSULB`s state-of-the-art $105 million Hall of Science is one of the most advanced science complexes in the United States. It houses 29 teaching laboratories, 31 research laboratories, four lecture halls, five specialized computer laboratories, three rooftop greenhouses, a rooftop astronomy observation platform, a counseling center for the academic and health professions, a tutoring center and a science learning center. The CSU General Education-Breadth (GE-Breadth) program allows California Community College transfer students to meet the general training requirements of the lower division for each CSU campus prior to transfer. This program offers an alternative to the requirements of the IGETC and can be a good option if you know you want to upgrade to a CSU but don`t know which campus you`re going to attend, or if you know which campus you`re going to attend but don`t know which major you`re going to pursue. For more information, see

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Business Day Define

One. The definition of the Civil Code/Government Code: Article 7 of the Civil Code defines ”public holidays” as ”every Sunday and all other days specified or scheduled as public holidays in the Government Code”. Article 6700 of the Government Code defines public holidays as follows: A working day is a term used to calculate the deadline for filing documents, payments, deliveries, etc. The exact definition varies by area and entity. As a rule, a working day is from Monday to Friday. Excluded hours and holidays vary, but generally the day covers the period from 9 a.m..m. to 5 p.m.m. District officials may also add statutory holidays, as section 6701 provides that if one of the holidays listed in section 6700 falls on a Saturday, the board of directors of a county may, by order or resolution, provide that another day is a holiday for employees of the district. And finally, to make things really confusing, Article 6700 of the Government Code contains as a public holiday ”Good Friday from 12:00 to 15:00.m”; Good luck if you include this three-hour vacation in your calculation of working days. Although most countries work about 40 hours a week from Monday to Friday, there are enough differences that those doing business internationally should check the days of the business week in the country you are doing business with.

For example, if you do business with countries in the Middle East, keep in mind that many of them work a week from Sunday to Thursday. In some countries, such as India, Mexico and Colombia, the work week is Monday to Saturday. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, two German words of slightly different meanings are used to describe working or working days. One is the working day, a legal term that applies to all calendar days except Sundays and public holidays; [3] [4] It covers most Saturdays. Business days are days when businesses such as retail stores and institutions such as schools are generally allowed to operate (see also the Closing Hours Act). In contrast, the workday refers to a day when someone actually works. For most employees, it`s Monday to Friday. However, for example, a firefighter may have a working day on Sunday, even if it is not legally a working day. With the introduction of flexible working hours, the importance of the traditional working day is diminishing. Although the 8-hour workday is still the norm for many industries, this trend is expected to continue to decline in the coming years.

In many ways, improved communication channels and capabilities have blurred the traditional business day convention, as businesses and individuals can now do business almost 24/7 using electronic methods. * ”BUSINESS DAY” means ”Monday through Friday, except federal or state holidays… The term is used (1) in the context of procedural safeguards related to the disclosure of evidence and assessments prior to the hearing (§ 300.509(a)(2) and (b)); and (2) in disciplinary proceedings (§§ 300.520(b) and 300.528(a)(1)). In addition, the term ”working days (including all public holidays that fall on a working day)” is used under Article 300.403(d)(1)(ii), which refers to the placement of children by parents in private schools with respect to FAPEs. Definitions like these are often used when one of the parties is headquartered in California and the other is located in another state. If you`re lucky enough to have this provision in your contract, calculating ”business days” should be easy because California banks have been classified as essential businesses and haven`t reduced the number of days they`re open. President Donald Trump and Governor Gavin Newsom can add holidays because Section 6700 of the Government Code also defines a holiday as ”any day appointed by the president or governor for a public fast, Thanksgiving, or a holiday.” (I don`t remember the last time a president or governor called for a public fast, but I guess it could happen.) · Regulation B, on the other hand, provides for several deadlines for working days, but does not define the term. · In Regulations E and RESPA, a working day is a day on which the Institute`s offices are open for the performance of virtually all operational functions. Different contracts and financial instruments also have a number of different settlement periods, some ranging from a single day or T+1 in financial jargon to other durations that require three working days. The sophistication and liquidity of the market often determine the settlement periods of transactions.

As a result, it may be impossible for the parties to agree on what is meant by ”working days,” and state law confuses the problem rather than clarifying it. In addition, state and municipal responses to the threat of coronavirus infection have made the definition even more malleable this year. Consumers often encounter the problem of a business day when they deposit a cheque that needs to be deleted. Depending on the size of the cheque deposited and the location of the issuer, it may take between two and 15 business days before a cheque is cleared, and these days do not include weekends or holidays, which may extend the time it takes for a depositor to access these funds. While this may seem like a simple question to us, in the world of regulatory compliance, it`s just not that easy! According to Wikipedia, ”a business day is considered any official business day of the week” and ”these are generally the days between and including Monday to Friday and do not include holidays and weekends.” It`s pretty simple – but compliance officers ARE WARY! The definition of ”business day” varies depending on the regulation – B. The definition of the Code of Civil Procedure, including ”judicial holidays”: This definition of the Civil Code was somewhat confusing. Does the definition in the Code of Civil Procedure make this easier? Not this year. Article 10 of the Code of Civil Procedure defines public holidays as ”every Sunday and all other days referred to in article 135 of the Code of Civil Procedure as `judicial holidays`. This section 135 generally meets the definition in section 6700 of the Government Code, but excludes September 9 (admissions day), the fourth Friday in September (Native American day) and any day designated by the president, but not by the governor, as a day of public fasting, thanksgiving, or a holiday. The length of a working day varies depending on the time, region, industry and company.

The current standards included the 8-hour day and the 10-hour day, but different lengths, from 4 to 16 hours, were normal at certain times and in certain places. Of course, the first place to look will be the contract itself. A well-written conflict that uses the term ”working days” should have a precise definition for that term. But these definitions can be very different. And sometimes the term just isn`t defined. Business days are also often used to indicate when something is delivered or done. For example, it can be guaranteed that mail will be delivered within three working days. This can make a big difference, as a package with a guaranteed delivery of four business days may not arrive until seven days after shipping if it`s a weekend. The most common contractual definition of a ”working day” is Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. OK, what is a vacation? That depends. California lawmakers have provided two different definitions, and COVID-19 may have created a third: · And Regulation Z contains BOTH definitions! The institution`s working days apply to the provision of advance disclosures such as credit estimate and special information brochure, while requirements such as withdrawal, waiting times and fee restrictions are subject to the more specific definition, which excludes Sundays and public holidays. Until regulators decide on a standard definition of business day, you can help employees avoid pitfalls by including the applicable business day definition in each policy and/or procedure for their activities.

Be sure to include a discussion of the different definitions in each of your compliance training sessions and reassure employees that the applicable definition is included in policies and procedures. .

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Discuss the Six Main Remedies for Breach of Contract in South Africa

As a copy editor, I understand the importance of creating content that is informative, engaging and optimized for search engines. In this article, we will discuss the six main remedies for breach of contract in South Africa.

1. Damages

Damages are the most common remedy for breach of contract in South Africa. The aim of damages is to put the innocent party in the position they would have been in had the contract been performed. Damages can be awarded for actual losses suffered, as well as for any loss of profits that flow from the breach of contract.

2. Specific performance

Specific performance is an equitable remedy that requires the defaulting party to carry out the contract as agreed. Specific performance is usually awarded in cases where damages are not an adequate remedy, such as in cases where the subject matter of the contract is unique or rare.

3. Rescission

Rescission is a remedy that allows the innocent party to cancel the contract. Rescission is usually awarded in cases where the contract was entered into under duress, fraud or undue influence. Rescission is also awarded when the contract is illegal or void ab initio.

4. Rectification

Rectification is a remedy that allows the innocent party to have the contract rectified or amended. Rectification is usually awarded in cases where the contract does not reflect the true intentions of the parties, such as in cases where there was a mistake in the drafting of the contract.

5. Interdict

An interdict is an equitable remedy that prohibits the defaulting party from doing something that they are not entitled to do. An interdict is usually awarded in cases where the defaulting party is threatening to breach the contract or has already breached the contract.

6. Exclusion clauses

Exclusion clauses are provisions in the contract that limit or exclude liability for breach of contract. Exclusion clauses are only valid if they are reasonable and do not contravene public policy. Exclusion clauses are usually included in contracts to limit the amount of damages that can be claimed by the innocent party.

In conclusion, these six remedies for breach of contract in South Africa are essential tools for enforcing a contract and ensuring that parties are held accountable for their obligations under the agreement. It is important to seek legal advice when considering which remedy to pursue as each case is unique and requires a careful analysis of the circumstances.

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Breaking Texas Lease Agreement

When you enter into a lease, the intention is not to break it. However, it does happen. Sometimes life gets in the way, and sometimes tenants accidentally break a lease because they are not aware of all the rules. However, the fact remains that a lease is a binding agreement that establishes the responsibilities of the tenant – most often he pays X amounts of rent for X months. There are many reasons why Texas tenants choose to break a lease. Some reasons are legally justifiable, others are not. If a tenant moves and has a legal excuse, they don`t face any penalties and don`t have to pay the remaining rent. If a tenant has no legal excuse to terminate the lease prematurely, they may be responsible for the lease until the lease expires or until the landlord finds a new tenant. The tenant may also be subject to fees mentioned in the rental agreement. Failure to pay may affect the tenant`s credit, lead to lawsuits and also appear in the tenant`s rental history. A poor rental history can make it harder to find an apartment in the future.

In Texas, most residential leases last 12 months. If you decide to cancel prematurely without a valid reason, you will still have to postpone your end for the remaining period. For example, move six months before the lease expires and your landlord could recover the remaining six months you owe even if you no longer occupy the site. In such cases, tenants have no legal protection against penalties for premature termination of the lease and must pay the rent due. However, unjustified rent interruptions mean that your tenant can be held financially responsible for the loss of rental income and the price to pay to find another tenant. As mentioned earlier, breaking a lease can be one of two forms: it may or may not be legally justified. If justified by law, it means that your tenant may leave the property prematurely without facing a legal or financial penalty. While these above situations are legal reasons for a tenant to break a lease, there are many other common excuses that are not legally justified. These reasons include: Safety concerns work both ways – Under Texas law, homeowners must ensure that their property meets safety and health standards.

Even if they meet these requirements, but the landlord lies about the safety of the neighborhood, the tenant may be able to terminate the lease prematurely if they relied on this information to decide to rent the property. In some cases, a tenant may be legally allowed to break a lease prematurely. In such cases, all they have to do is send you a notification indicating their intention to leave the country. These cases include: The situations listed above are the only ones where Texas law expressly gives a landlord or tenant the right to terminate the lease prematurely and without consequences. Breaking a lease for other reasons, such as . B obtaining a new job, moving out of the state for non-military reasons, inability to pay rent, etc., is not protected by law. For all situations other than those listed above, please read the ”Early Termination of a Lease” box above and read your rental agreement. Imagine you move on May 31 with nine months of lease remaining.

Your landlord will advertise your vacant rent (as required by law) and find a replacement tenant who will move in on July 1. You only owe the rent for the month of June – you are now free for the other eight months. To terminate the lease in Texas, the tenant would have to do several things. First, they should provide you with proof that they signed the lease before entering active service. Do you need to move to Texas? Whatever your rental situation, Square Cow Movers can help you move quickly. Call us to plan a move or packing service. If there is a written lease, it can indicate how much notice a tenant must give to the landlord before they can leave the apartment. Since Texas law doesn`t say how much to tell a landlord if the lease isn`t a monthly lease, it depends on the terms of the agreement between the landlord and tenant.

In addition to waiting for the scheduled expiration, there are four cases in which you can legally break the agreement prematurely without consequences: As a landlord, you can therefore require the tenant to pay the full rent due under the lease. For example, if the lease is due to end in three months, you can ask the tenant to pay the rent for the full remaining three months of the lease. And this, whether they remain in unity or not. Law on Civil Relief of Military War and National Defence, 50 App. U.S.C.A. § 501 – This is a federal law that stipulates that persons serving in the military or other uniformed federal service may terminate their lease prematurely without any effect if they are called up for service or stationed elsewhere. There are many other reasons to break a lease: buy a house, move for a job, or even go through a breakup. However, none of this is covered by the law.

Instead, you`ll need to review your lease. If the landlord sells, dies or transfers the property, the new landlord is required to comply with your lease and any other agreements you have with the original owner or management. This is another reason to always have important agreements in writing, signed and dated. Before breaking a lease, you should seek professional advice. And before you let your friends drag your furniture around the city in the back of a truck, you should get professional help with the move. .

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Board Requirements for Nonprofits

(f) Officers of the company (California law requires three officers: a chairman or chairman of the board of directors, a secretary, and a treasurer or chief financial officer); Do you want to help your board members feel more engaged? We have a free guide. Not everyone knows the roles and responsibilities of nonprofit board members, and fortunately, educational programs for board members abound. The hardest problem is asking volunteers to take the time to learn more about their role and understand what makes a great board member. Fortunately, there are monitoring options from your computer, although personal and especially peer-to-peer programs are often the most useful – and fun. The structure and needs of the organization are among the factors that determine the size of the board of directors. When considering the size of the board, consider these points: To function effectively, every group needs a passionate leader. Your president — also commonly referred to as the president — is your elected CEO. As the head of your board of directors, this person has many responsibilities. The IRS expects (and state law generally dictates) that a board of directors will meet at least once a year, and best practices suggest four times a year.

During these meetings, the annual budget is adopted and operational and strategic decisions requiring coordination are discussed. It is important to remember that the board of directors is responsible for the management of the non-profit organization, not its management. Explanations of the roles and responsibilities of the board of directors of non-profit organizations by attorneys general, official state charities, and representative resources of some nonprofit state associations are related below: Usually, a treasurer of the nonprofit board of directors should be someone who already has experience in accounting or accounting, but it is not always necessary. A treasurer of the board of directors can simply be someone very trustworthy, as he is responsible for preparing the financial statements and managing the funds of the organization. The establishment and maintenance of a Board information system is the joint responsibility of the Chairman of the Board, the members of the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer and the employees who work with the Board. The basis of a committed, competent and effective council is guidance and education. As an essential guide to guidance and training, every organisation should have a comprehensive and easy-to-use manual that board members can use throughout their tenure. A little research will lead to great tools that automate almost everything the map does. For example, Boardable is a single app for all your board management tasks with easy-to-use features such as: What is the role of the board of directors of a nonprofit? ¿Cuáles son las responsabilidades legales de una junta directiva sin fines de lucro? We encourage all nonprofit board members to subscribe to our free monthly newsletter to stay informed about issues that are arising across the country that affect the operations of nonprofits, and to be aware of these useful resources: hiring and supervising the CEO is one of the most important responsibilities of the board of directors, because it has the greatest impact on the growth and vitality of the organization. The CEO serves as a bridge between the employees of the nonprofit and the members of the board of directors.

Ensure that committee assignments are based on the experience, skills, interests and time available to board members. Each member must make a serious commitment to participate actively in the work of the Committee. If a committee is too large, a small group of members may assume disproportionate responsibility. If a committee is too small, there may not be enough people to do the job. Committees of the Board may include persons who are not members of the Board of Directors. To help you select the best board members and maximize your resources relative to your board, let`s start at the very beginning: What is a board? When the Board meets as a group, they should be able to count on each other to participate and be willing to contribute. Everyone should review the agenda in advance and participate in the decisions taken. The IRS`s main concern is actually control by private interests.

Article 501 (c) (3) prohibits granting undue advantages to individuals and allowing their assets to flow in favour of individuals. It is the IRS that speaks to address concerns that (1) the private benefit of a charitable activity outweighs the public benefit; and (2) directors, officers and other ”insiders” of the not-for-profit organization receive financial benefits from the not-for-profit organization that outweigh the benefits they provide to the not-for-profit organization. Given these concerns, the IRS will review the composition of a 501(c)(3) board to determine whether it is controlled by a person, family, or corporation. .

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Bible Verse for Agreement Prayer

I struggled with my prayer was filled with many departures and stops. I am grateful for these articles. I have been afflicted with such unbearable challenges that I admit to being a consequence of the above. I feel a strong servitude of the enemy who fights for my family members. A brother is struggling with drug addiction. The other four, we all struggle with sexual immorality and there has been a lack of direction in our professional lives. We are currently in financial difficulty. I am currently burdened by a guilt that threatens the little prestige I still have. It is sad when a Christian goes through life without acting on the Word. The believer who understands exactly that the power of God sustains him can exercise his authority and face the enemy without fear.

Ephesians 6:10 says, ”At last, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his power. This verse says nothing about being strong in oneself. He speaks of being strong in the Lord. Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. When they ask too many Christians to pray with them on topics they should never have asked for prayer help, they begin to become lazy and weak in their personal prayer lives with the Lord. On the one hand, there will be your own personal prayer life, which you will develop with the Lord. On the other hand, you will team up with some of the most powerful and best prayer warriors you can find so that you can be fully prepared if God calls you to approach Him with this prayer agreement. This next mystery of prayer tells us that when two or three believers can come together in their prayer to the Lord, that God the Father will move to answer the prayer. This is what I have personally discovered about this particular mystery of prayer in my very personal walk with the Lord. This is not to say that individual individual prayer to the Lord is not powerful and effective.

Personally, I believe that God wants you to come to Him most of the time in your personal prayer life. You don`t need to pray with anyone else or ask someone else to pray for you or with you. On the other side of the coin, however, from time to time, you will want to join forces with other believers and approach God`s throne with the same prayer request. And whatever you ask for in prayer, you will receive if you have faith. Now I exhort you, brethren, through our Lord Jesus Christ and through the love of the Spirit, to work with me in your prayers to God for me, that I may be saved by those who disobey in Judea and that my service in Jerusalem may prove acceptable to the saints; And he said to them, ”This kind of thing cannot be driven away by anything other than prayer.” Recognizing that God can be moved by united group prayer, they will begin to look for other Christians who are willing to pray with them, and before they know it, ask those other Christians to pray for them for every trivial little problem they can imagine. Do not be afraid of anything, but make your requests known to God through prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. I prayed sincerely for my husband, who decided to return to our home country in Africa after studying in the UK. My husband is not as strong spiritually as I am, and I encouraged him to believe and grow spiritually. Things are so difficult, I`m back to finish my studies in another African country, he`s back home looking for a job and trying to start a business. We need a serious financial breakthrough.

As an African family, we have many dependencies and family responsibilities that we cannot take on right now. Also, I`m pregnant with our first child together and we don`t even have the money for doctor visits! All this frustrates my husband and he tends to become anxious and angry. He`s thinking about going back to Britain, but I don`t want him to because it might take him further away from God`s grace! I know the life he lived there and I don`t want him to go back to this life! Please, I need your advice on how to direct my prayers for a job and a financial breakthrough. Please help us! We fasted and I continue to pray. Continue firmly in prayer and observe it with thanksgiving. I don`t think I need to tell you what could happen to your church if these kinds of people received very specific and targeted prayer orders. We have to get to work and find the answer. When I lost a precious ring, I carefully searched where I thought I had lost it. I lay on my hands and knees and crawled in search of him.

When it comes to spiritual matters, I do the same – I follow in my footsteps. Many times I walk on the same ground again and again in prayer and in the Word. Many powerful miracles can be descended from heaven by individual believers who know how to walk one-on-one with the Lord in their personal prayer lives with Him. .

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Bbc Commissioning Agreement

The BBC should reflect the diversity of the UK both in its production and in its services. In this way, the BBC should accurately and authentically depict and depict people`s lives in the UK today, raising awareness of the different cultures and alternative views that make up their society. It should ensure that it provides production and services that meet the needs of the nations, regions and communities of the United Kingdom. The BBC should bring people together to share experiences and contribute to the social cohesion and well-being of the UK. By commissioning and delivering results, the BBC should invest in each nation`s creative industries and contribute to their development. According to the Royal Charter, the BBC must obtain a licence from the Home Secretary. [92] This licence is accompanied by an agreement setting out the conditions under which the BBC may broadcast. [92] The BBC is expected to deliver high-quality results in many different genres and on a range of services and platforms that set standards in the UK and internationally. Its services should be different from those offered elsewhere and take creative risks, even if not all of them succeed in developing new approaches and innovative content. There was a widely reported urban myth that announcer Leslie Mitchell began after the resumption of the BBC television service after the war with the words: ”As I said, we were so brutally interrupted… In fact, the first person to appear when the transmission resumed was Jasmine Bligh and the words that were spoken were: ”Hello everyone. How are you doing? Remember me, Jasmine Bligh. ?” [58] The European Broadcasting Union was founded in Torquay on 12 February 1950, with the BBC among the 23 founding broadcasters.

[59] A significant portion of the BBC`s revenues are devoted to the company`s television and radio services, with each service having a different budget due to its content. [120] The BBC uses advertising campaigns to inform customers of the obligation to pay the fee. Past campaigns have been criticised by Conservative MP Boris Johnson and former MP Ann Widdecombe for having a threatening nature and language used to scare off withdrawals to pay. [115] [116] Audio clips and television programmes are used to inform listeners about the BBC`s comprehensive database. [117] A number of interest groups are working on the issue of royalties. [118] Many famous musicians of all genres have played on the BBC, such as the Beatles (Live at the BBC is one of their many albums). The BBC is also responsible for broadcasting the Glastonbury Festival, the reading festival and the UK coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, a programme with which the channel has been associated for more than 60 years. The BBC also operates the BBC`s audiobook department, which is sometimes found in conjunction with Chiver`s audiobooks. In 1974, the BBC`s teletext service, Ceefax, was introduced, originally created for subtitling, but developed into a news and information service. In 1978, BBC staff went on strike just before Christmas that year, blocking the broadcast of the two channels and merging the four radio stations into one. [64] [65] Since the deregulation of the UK television and radio market in the 1980s, the BBC has faced increased competition from the commercial sector (and the advertiser-funded public service channel Channel 4), particularly in satellite, cable and digital television services. In the late 1980s, the BBC began a divestment process by separating and selling parts of its organization.

In 1988, he sold the Hulton Press Library, a photo archive acquired by the BBC from Picture Post magazine in 1957. The archives were sold to Brian German and now belong to Getty Images. [66] In the 1990s, this process continued with the separation of some of the company`s operational branches into independent but wholly-owned subsidiaries of the BBC, with the aim of generating additional programming revenues. BBC Enterprises was reorganised and re-established in 1995 as BBC Worldwide Ltd. [63] In 1998, BBC studios, outdoor broadcasts, post-production, design, costumes and wigs were split into BBC Resources Ltd. [67] The BBC`s research department played an important role in the development of broadcasting and recording techniques. The BBC was also responsible for the development of the NICAM stereo standard. In recent decades, a number of additional channels and radio stations have been launched: Radio 5 was launched in 1990 as a sports and educational station, but was replaced by Radio 5 Live in 1994 to become a live radio station, following the success of the Radio 4 service to cover the 1991 Gulf War. The new channel would be a news and sports channel. In 1997, BBC News launched 24, a continuous news channel, on digital television services and the following year, BBC Choice was launched as the BBC`s third general entertainment channel.

The BBC also bought The Parliamentary Channel, which was renamed BBC Parliament. In 1999, BBC Knowledge was launched as a multimedia channel with services available on the new digital teletext service BBC Text and bbc Online. The channel had an educational purpose that was modified later in life to offer documentaries. But by 1922, the GPO had received nearly 100 applications for broadcasting licences[21] and had decided to lift its ban following a petition from 63 wireless companies with more than 3,000 members. [22] In an effort to avoid the same chaotic expansion as in the United States, the GPO proposed to grant a single broadcasting licence to a jointly owned company by a consortium of leading wireless receiver manufacturers known as the British Broadcasting Company Ltd. .

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Az Home Rental Contract

Before entering into a lease, the landlord must inform the tenant where they can learn more about the Arizona Residential Landlord-Tenant Act. (Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 33-1322) The Arizona Rent Application is a form that can be used for the process of selecting a potential tenant to see if they are financially able to pay the monthly payment. The landlord can view the information and, if necessary, obtain a credit report to determine if there are any outstanding debts to the applicant. In addition to a background check, referrals may be needed to verify that previous rental experiences have been positive for everyone involved. Monthly Lease (§ 33-1375) – Known as ”unlimited tenancy” because both parties maintain the owner-tenant agreement until one party decides to terminate or amend the contract. Either party may terminate with at least thirty (30) days` notice on the next payment date. The following lease model describes a contract between ”owner” Kevin Lee and ”tenant” Olivia Graham.

She agrees to rent a duplex in Colombia for $1,000 per month for a fixed term that begins on June 1, 2017 and ends on August 9, 2017. The tenant undertakes to cover all costs and ancillary services for the premises. This is a good example of the provisions that a simple lease could contain and what it should look like in its final form. The Arizona Commercial Lease Agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and a tenant or business. It sets the conditions for renting retail, office or other commercial spaces and is usually more complicated than a standard residential lease. A commercial lease is a legally binding contract. Prefabricated houses – There is a grace period of 5 days only for prefabricated houses (§ 33-1414). Create an official Arizona Standard Residential Lease (see above), download a free, fillable form template (see Word and PDF buttons), or read on to learn more about Arizona`s laws regarding leases. If a rental agreement is concluded after the start of a seizure measure on the property, the owner must inform the tenant in writing. If a foreclosure action on the property begins after a lease has been entered into, the landlord must notify the tenant in writing within five (5) business days. (Ariz.

Rev. Stat. Ann. § 33-1331) Arizona leases are legal contracts between a landlord and a tenant who wishes to occupy residential or commercial property. The lease contains conditions for the use of the property, as well as the determination of the amount of regular rent payments and other regulations. Arizona subletting is a binding contract between the tenant of a rent (”subtenant”) and a new tenant (”subtenant”) to fulfill all or part of the subtenant`s obligations under their original lease. The original tenant must have permission from the landlord to sublet. In general, a sublease describes similar contours. The Arizona RoomMate Agreement (”Room Rental Agreement”) is a binding legal agreement that sets out the terms and conditions for sharing a space, including the financial responsibilities of each of the roommates. All roommates must sign the contract to comply with Arizona state law. As a tenant of an apartment or house.

To protect themselves from the contraction and spread of an infestation, Arizona homeowners are not allowed to rent a unit with an active infestation. Arizona landlords are also required to provide educational materials (usually an addendum) and include a section on bed bugs in their leases. This addendum contains information on the prevention of infestation and the correct protocol if it occurs so that the owner can minimize the potential damage. The Arizona Residential Lease Agreement (”Lease”) describes the terms and conditions for the use of real estate in exchange for rent payments. This Agreement may also require additional fees (”Deposit”) due no later than the date of move-in. [alert type=`info` message=”Note. » url=``] Looking for a rental request form template?. Arizona leases, for both commercial and residential use, are written for the binding agreement between a landlord and tenant for the use of the property. All agreements must be drafted in accordance with the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. All documents become legally binding when all parties sign the form and transmit the acceptance to the other party, unless both parties sign in the presence of each other. Shared utilities (§ 33-1314.01) – If the landlord charges the tenant on the basis of a common meter, the calculation of the bill must be made in the rental agreement. The owner can reimburse himself for the administrative costs for the calculation and payment of the utility. Lease Termination Letter – Used to terminate a lease agreement.

The tenant must first check if he is legally able to withdraw from the lease. The monthly lease in Arizona is a written document that allows a tenant to rent properties to a landlord for a fee for a period of thirty (30) days at a time. This Agreement is renewed monthly until terminated by either party (with reasonable notice). The monthly lease for residential real estate. An Arizona Standard Lease is a fixed-term contract between a landlord and tenant for the use of a residential property. .

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Ato Double Taxation Agreements

This can result in double taxation, since the taxpayer whose taxable income is increased is taxable in one jurisdiction to pay an amount of profit on which the related taxpayer is also taxable in the other country. Other mechanisms in Australia`s tax treaties may prevent legal double taxation in the first place, for example: the US-Australia tax treaty also covers corporation tax and stipulates that a company is taxed in the country where it is registered, unless it has a ”permanent establishment” (i.e. an office, factory or branch, etc.) in the other country. In this case, the profits of the permanent establishment are taxed in the country where it is located. Tax treaties are formal bilateral agreements between two jurisdictions. Australia has tax treaties with more than 40 jurisdictions. Most tax treaties have a ”breach of equality” test, in which a dual-resident is considered to be resident in only one of the two jurisdictions for tax purposes. The ATO acknowledges in the draft judgment that there may be software distribution agreements that do not confer copyright rights and are therefore not expected to attract RWT. However, the only example given is closely related to the resale of software packages, although one of the main reasons for issuing the updated decision is to deal with new business models such as digital subscription license delivery and cloud-based SaaS.

The draft decision therefore contains detailed guidance on when the RWT can be applied and very limited guidance on when this is not the case. In most cases, MAGP cases involve cross-border double taxation. This can happen if the national tax regulations of two jurisdictions overlap. The two types of double taxation are as follows: A tax treaty is also called a tax treaty or double taxation agreement (DTA). They prevent double taxation and tax evasion and promote cooperation between Australia and other international tax authorities by enforcing their respective tax laws. Economic double taxation can occur when a jurisdiction makes a primary transfer pricing adjustment that is consistent with the Article on Partners in Australian Tax Treaties. The most important factor taken into account when taxing corporate profits is the presence of a ”permanent establishment”. It is a fixed place of business through which the taxpayer carries on all or part of his business. Most Australian tax treaties include an article that eliminates double taxation by requiring the country of residence to deviate from legal double taxation. Australia`s domestic legislation and tax treaties provide mechanisms to alleviate legal double taxation, including: In the current context, legal double taxation may occur if: The application of this article is subject to the provisions of Australian domestic law on the deduction of set-off with Australian income tax paid abroad (ITAA Division 770 1997).

However, national provisions shall be without prejudice to the general principle of this Article of the elimination of legal double taxation. Economic double taxation can occur when a tax jurisdiction adjusts the taxable income of a resident taxpayer by applying the arm`s length principle (an adjustment of primary transfer prices) to transactions between it and a related taxpayer in another tax jurisdiction. Australia also has bilateral agreements with a number of countries on the exchange of tax information. The Australian Tax Authority accepted the conclusions of the plenary session of the Federal Supreme Court in Commissioner of Taxation v Pike in its decision on the principles of tax residence and the application of the provisions on breach of equality of residence in international double taxation conventions. Although the taxpayer`s employment opportunities in his or her field require finding employment abroad, the Court`s plenary session focused on the continued presence of his or her family and the maintenance of a home in Australia. The Australian Tax Authority (ATO) recently published an impact assessment1 in which it accepts the findings of the plenary of the Federal Supreme Court in Commissioner of Taxation v Pike2 in its decision on the principles of tax residence and the application of the provisions on residence commitment keys of international double taxation conventions. The controversial aspect of the draft decision is the possible imposition of an Australian Royalty Tax (RWT) on software resellers or distribution agreements for cloud-based licenses, subscriptions and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) contracts. The ATO seeks to broaden the scope of the RWT by establishing unverified links between copyright law and the RWT rules. When the draft decision is finalized in its current form, it will not be aligned with that of other developed economies in terms of characterizing software-related payments. However, this could become another example of Australia paving the way for other countries.

The other country may then be required to make an appropriate adjustment to the amount of tax levied on the profits of the related company in that territory in order to reduce economic double taxation (a corresponding adjustment). .

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As Is Sales Agreement

While a purchase agreement and a purchase contract have similar purposes, a purchase contract provides a more detailed payment plan and provides guarantees for the item. It also offers both parties more flexibility before entering into the agreement by agreeing on the terms to secure the goods before purchase. Like contracts, they are very common in real estate sales. If you are the buyer, accepting one of these contracts means that you are buying the property in its current state and the seller does not have to pay for repairs to the property. You need to make sure that your current contract includes an inspection contingency that allows you to schedule a home inspection before completing the purchase. If the inspection reveals a large number of problems and you do not want to cover the cost of repairing these problems, you can withdraw from the sale. For some sales contracts, i.e. those concluded in a place that is NOT the seller`s permanent establishment, the buyer has the legal right to terminate the contract before midnight of the third working day after the sale. For more information on this ”cooling-off period,” see your state`s laws and the Federal Trade Commission. A purchase agreement is a legally binding contract that clarifies the terms of a transaction. This type of document, also known as a purchase agreement or a contract of sale, usually involves two parties – the buyer is a person or organization that makes a purchase, while the seller is a person or organization selling the item in question.

The advantages of the Civ Code § §§§ 1102 ff. will not be corrected solely by the Buyer accepting the phrase ”as is” in the purchase agreement, and the Seller will remain responsible for any failure, whether negligent or intentional, to discover known hidden defects that are not obvious during an inspection of the property. You can use purchase agreements to buy or sell any of the following options: Payment is usually the most negotiated term of a purchase agreement, which is why it`s so important to put it in writing once you`ve reached an agreement. In addition to the agreed price, including adjustments or deposits, your purchase agreement should describe the following: Contract software uses automation to streamline the way companies handle complex situations. B for example when the Texas Rangers had to change hundreds of agreements due to COVID-19. It can even help with sales compliance for large acquisitions, such as 100% compliance. B AppDynamic when acquired by Cisco. An ”as is” clause in a purchase and sale agreement does not necessarily relieve the seller of the common law obligation to disclose defects or the requirements of the Civ Code§ §§ 1102 et seq. If you know you want to buy or sell certain goods, but you don`t agree on all the details or are not willing to sign a purchase agreement, you can first sign a letter of intent to describe the terms and your negotiation agreement.

Purchase contracts may require different or additional information depending on the goods or services exchanged. Either way, you should at least include these details when creating a purchase agreement: A purchase contract is a contract between a buyer and seller that details the terms of an exchange. It is also called purchase contract, purchase contract, purchase contract form, purchase contract or purchase contract. Purchase contracts and purchase contracts have quite similar objectives, but the main difference between them is the amount of detail. While the purchase contract talks about payment plans, warranties and legal implications, the purchase contract is simply a form that means the transfer of ownership from one party to another. In fact, it is sometimes used as part of a broader sales contract to provide proof that the goods have actually been exchanged. In a real estate purchase agreement, there is usually a section that exempts the seller from any liability related to the condition of the property. For example, this section of the contract could include a statement that the seller knows nothing about the property that he did not disclose to the seller.

The contract could also include a statement that the seller has not received any government notice regarding the property. A purchase contract is similar to a sales contract, but the two documents have important differences. Unlike a purchase contract, a purchase contract: in the case of exchanged services, you would clearly describe the orders executed and all the results. For example, if you create a sales contract for creating a brand`s website, you can describe the pages, text, photos, graphics, and other specifics associated with the project. A purchase contract is preferable to sellers because the buyer agrees to purchase an item in its current condition and cannot hold the seller liable for defects discovered after the sale with the item has been completed. Easily manage your sales contract volume with Ironclad. Sign up here for a consultation to get closer to streamlining your sales contract process. Here are some examples of potential sellers and buyers who would need to take advantage of this agreement. A very common type of purchase agreement is the type used when buying a home. Although these sales contracts are usually quite long, they clearly state the conditions of sale and the conditions necessary for the conclusion of the sale.

In cases where the buyer does not immediately pay the full invoice, a promissory note is usually added to the purchase contract. A promissory note is a document that details the repayment terms, including the interest charged and the repayment schedule. This is usually the most important aspect of a purchase contract, as it lists exactly the goods or services that the buyer pays for. For this reason, a description of the goods should include important details, such as: If full approval takes too long, solid leads fall through the cracks and cost your business valuable revenue. Converting leads into sales requires a streamlined sales contract process that allows sales reps to quickly and transparently request and obtain the approval needed to close deals. Even if a purchase contract is not considered an official document, it can be a useful tool in case of a problem with the transaction. Details regarding the delivery of goods and/or services must also be covered in a purchase contract. This may include things like the following: For example, a purchase contract can be used to sell vehicles or electronic devices. If the electronic devices are equipped with related services such as installation, the sales contract would also include those services. If the implied warranties are expressly excluded or modified in a written agreement, such as . B a purchase contract, they become null and void. That`s why this section is such an important but sometimes overlooked aspect of a sales contract.

Without them, the seller could unknowingly accept certain warranties. Ironclad`s digital contract management tool helps in many ways. For example, Workflow Designer helps you customize your unique contracting process that companies like Thumbtack have used to scale sales teams and close deals faster. The platform also has Salesforce integration and detailed reports with an easy-to-use data repository to support decision-making. An as-is purchase agreement is preferable to sellers because the buyer agrees to purchase an item in its current condition. Read 3 min Contract lifecycle management software such as Ironclad allows the law and distributors to work together to reduce the wait time for approvals. In addition, you can use data from your distribution agreements to make more informed decisions for the future of your business. Sometimes referred to as a contract for the sale of goods, a contract for the purchase or contract for the purchase, a contract of purchase describes the terms of a transaction between two parties: the buyer and the seller.


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